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Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith, Louisville, Kentucky

Overcoming Learning Challenges

"We cannot believe the improvement in our daughter after five sessions with you. Before we were referred to you, our daughter Abigail, age 8, could not tie her shoes without help, could not ride her bike without training wheels, and was having difficulty reading at her grade level. Since working with you, Abigail is riding her bike without assistance and training wheels. She is tying her shoes by herself, but most important her reading rate and reading fluency have greatly increased, which has also increased her reading comprehension.

Before working with you, Abigail had received physical therapy and occupational therapy in order to help manage a sensory integration disorder. Even though she had worked through a lot of her sensory issues with the help of physical therapists and occupational therapists, she was still unable to perform with ease some motor tasks and was having difficulty in her academic setting due to poor reading skills.

Likewise, we feel that Brain Gym provided the missing link so that Abigail’s body could integrate all the previous therapy. Because of your work, Abigail has made huge improvements academically and socially in a very short time period. We are very grateful for your work and thankful that God sent you into our lives.

Therefore, we highly recommend your work and endorse Brain Gym has as a valid therapy for any child with learning difficulties due to Sensory Integration, Attention Deficit Disorder, Visual Motor Problems, etc. Again we recommend Brain Gym for any child who is struggling academically.



Austin, Texas, United States

Phyllis Books, MA, DC, CCN, DACBN, has been a holistic chiropractor and nutritionist for 25 years; and as such, has incorporated Brain Gym and many kinesiology tools into her specialty of pediatric neurology. She has a Bachelor’s degree in education from Michigan State University, a Master’s degree in education and communication arts from the University of North Texas and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker College. She has taught her kinesiology methods on three continents and was awarded Outstanding International Alumni by her alma mater. In 1994, she founded the Assisi Foundation, dedicated to promote self value and self responsibility for children worldwide. And in 2001, she trademarked Books Neural Therapy™, a neurological and structural therapy to improve learning and behavior.

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