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Wondering where you can find products to purchase? The following is a list of vendors and companies that carry items for sale. You'll find books, posters and more! Some products are specific to the Edu-K / Brain Gym® work while others are complementary.

Important Disclaimer: The purpose of this page is solely to provide information. The Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Brain Gym® International has no control regarding the business practices of the vendors listed, and does not guarantee that all products accurately reflect the Edu-K / Brain Gym® programs, theories, principles or practices.


  • Alphabet 8s chart
    These A-4 size charts are are a visual reminder for teaching the Alphabet 8s activity to others. They are not large enough to be a kinesthetic activity. $5 each from

  • Jerry Teplitz Products
    Award winning author and speaker, Jerry Teplitz, Ph.D, provides an array of resources including Switched-On Selling, a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon in the sales/selling category. 

  • Enhanced Learning
    Colorful, high quality teaching and training materials can be found here! They'll add vibrancy and professionalism to your presentation. Download includes Powerpoint and Keynote versions.

  • Educate Your Brain
    A rich Brain Gym resource containing simplified basics, foundational concepts, and inspiring applications, all beautifully described and illustrated with over 70 photographs. 

    Three (3) engaging, fun and effective activities created by an Occupational Therapist that assist in integrating, enhancing and refining a large variety of skills such as visual-motor, visual-percept

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