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Hasanah Hassan


Treasurer of MBGA

Hasanah Hassan is the executive Director of Gentle Steps and a committee member of Malaysia Brain Gym Association. She is also an advisor to the Malaysia Specialised Kinesiology Association. An accountant by training, Hasanah is an Educational Kinesiologist and a certified Brain Gym® and Rhythmic Movement Training Instructor. She is licensed to teach Brain Gym® 101 (everyday Living), Brain Gym® 104 (Brain Gym® 26 movements), Brain Gym® 170 (Brain Gym® for Special Needs Provider), Optimal Brain Organisation, Building Blocks Activities (Movement-based Learning) and Rhythmic Movement Training.


Besides being involved with Educational Kinesiology, Hasanah Hassan is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. Vibrational Raindrop Therapist and Lymphatic Drainage and Chronic Fatigue Therapist.  Hasanah also practices Developmental Kinesiology, Smart Moves, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Body Talk.


Hasanah has over 30 years of experience working with Adults and Children. She initially started when she became among the first few franchisees of NURY Institute which uses programs from the Institute for The Achievement of Human Potentials, Philadelphia. She went on to incorporate educational kinesiology in her work.


Hasanah does trainings and programs for parents, educators, therapists and children, and frequently shares her expertise with schools and the community. Besides trainings, Hasanah does consultation for clients with educational or wellness challenges.