Vivian Ang Lai Sim

Secretary of MBGA

Ms. Vivian first graduated from SEGi College with Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE) in year 2008, Bachelor in Early Childhood (BECH) in year 2010 and Master of Education, specialized in Special  Education with University of Southern Queensland (Australia) in year 2013. She is also a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant (USA) since 2012.

Vivian was a ballet teacher assistant teaching children age 3 to 18 years old for 9 years. She also has 9 years teaching experience in various types of kindergartens as teacher and principal.

Throughout the years of teaching, she started to understand children and faced some challenges dealing with children with special needs in mainstream classrooms. She decided to work closely with children with special needs, children with learning difficulties and also autistic children using Brain Gym® and her own program (IEP: Individualised educational program).

Vivian is now an educational trainer and Brain Gym® consultant for special school and other educational settings. She strongly believes children should learn in a fun and meaningful ways while building up good foundation skills for each child. In all her training, she emphasizes to teachers to accept and understand different needs of each child, then develop program and activities that cater to their capabilities, needs and interest.