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How to experience the Brain Gym® program through courses and/or consultations

Edu-K and the Brain Gym program can be experienced with licensed Brain Gym® Instructors/ Consultants through private sessions, courses, and presentations. Books are also available.


Our curriculum offers five levels of courses built on the Edu-K learning model.

  1. Level One courses are open to all, and introduce the basics of the Brain Gym® program. We recommend starting with our signature course, Brain Gym® 101.

  2. Level Two courses build on and have Brain Gym® 101 as the pre-requisite. Optimal Brain Organization (OBO) is a required (core) course in the licensure process at this level.

  3. Level Three courses have varied pre-requisites and are geared towards one-on-one consulting work. Edu-K In Depth: Seven Dimension of Intelligence is the required (core) course at this level.

  4. Level Four courses are for our professional instructors. With the exception of the Practicum course, the final course in the licensure process, a valid license is required for any course at this level.

  5. Level Five contains the teacher training courses and require a valid license. Check the prerequisites carefully.

See current course offerings.


Consultations/private sessions typically last 1 -2 hours. They allow a client to experience Brain Gym and Edu-K within the context of focusing on a specific goal. In a private session, Brain Gym activities may be experienced as well as the more advanced work, as is appropriate. Find an instructor/consultant in your area.

Books and Resources

Visit Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc., the publishing company that carries many of the Brain Gym® books and products.

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